Sunday, April 19, 2009


i love that everything in his little world is just so amazing to him! it makes me appreciate everything around me the way he does. he figures out something new all the time, i love that he is growing up, but don't want him to do it too fast... being a mommy is the best thing that i have ever done!
xoxo my little man


betsy said...

yeah merrick don't grow up too fast.

Jennelle said...

I feel like such a granny when I say...They sure do grow up fast. But it's just plain true! He is a cute little guy. I hope we get to meet him soon.

ashley said...

awwww. i bet your such a great mommy!

should i feel bad that i just want my babies to be over 1 so that they don't have to be little babies? just not the best with the baby speices i guess!