Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2 months

i apologize!, our computer was sick... but now we're back!

so here are merricks 2 month old stats...
height: 24 in (88%)
weight: 10 lbs 12 oz (24%)
head: 39.5 cm (41%)

he got his shots today too... the kid was tough! his face went bright red and he looked like he was going to be a screamer, but he was 'koa'... i guess we named him right! not a tear.

some more things about ke koa...
he loves taking a shower with daddy
eats a ton
has slept through the night... once.
hates getting in his car seat... but loves the car.
is always talking.
loves nap time with mommy

he has got strong neck muscles
all smiles, even when he is sick
loves to stick out his tongue


Star Gazer said...

Oh he's so adorable!

ashley said...

two months already! time flies! how cute he is. velzy was asking about the baby in your tummy the other day, guess i might have forgotten to tell her he is not there anymore? opps

Denae said...

Sweet boy. You need to post more pictures of this little guy!