Saturday, December 13, 2008

santas letter

we went to visit santa at 'this is the place' and to see the zoo lights. both great! i recommend them both this year!

one thing i remember about christams as a kid was mom giving betsy and i the sears catalog and us looking at every detail on every single page and then writing it down on our long christmas lists.

so that is why i was shocked to watch jord write hers out this year...
it went like this...

to satna

dear santa,
i watn skates and a pilgram costume
i have bin good
love jordan

thats it??? okay if you say so... ha!
me on the other had... i only have about three things as well...

new camera
new pillows for my bed
the boy already!

whats on your wish list?


Chuck Made Us Famous said...

Watch out for what you wish for, you just might not be getting this boy until Christmas Day!!
Hmm on my wish list would be:
My blog thus far turning into a book Norris Family Volume 1
A pair of warm boots, to deal with all of this snow, slippers dont cut it here in Utah
Probably a new pair of jeans....
along with some small items for my stocking, Santa better not forget those

ashley said...

good job jord! a pilgrim costume? that is random. really really random. she is one funny girl!

Star Gazer said...

Jordan is so cute! What personality! :)

betsy said...

I too want the boy already!!