Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sorry once again for the lack of posting...
not much is going on here... just getting stuff together
and trying not to over do it like kasey says i do.

but please can any one tell me if they, when nearing the end, just had a bit of a crying breakdown?
i had one the other night in the tub. the doc said that "the boy" could came anytime now and he would be fine, and that it is normal and that just sort of got to me....
i began thinking of the labor... and wished that i could just twitch my nose and i would be holding "the boy".
then i started thinking about my post prego body... i can't even remember what life was like before the belly. am i going to miss it?
and then there is the getting away with eating anything at anytime... i'm going to miss that.
but one thing that i am looking forward too, sleeping on my belly.
i don't know, "the boy" and i just have this special bond already... even so with the daily hickups... i'm going to miss toting him around like this.

sorry no picture... i'm just rambling today. okay?


star said...

I can relate to a lot of your thoughts! I know I will make it through labor and Jeff will be great, but it does freak me out every now and then. I also can't wait to sleep on my tummy again. I really miss it. I too think about my post pregnancy body and getting back into shape. I think it is totally normal to think about all of this stuff. I'm totally with you!

Chuck Made Us Famous said...

Hmmm, not much advice. You will survive labor and it is worth it. There isnt really much time to ponder the pain or what is really going on, at least in my instances but mine were all super duper fast!! You will get your post body back, it is easier to bounce back when you were in shape before pregnancy, a plus you have going for you. I bet by four to six weeks after you will have lost all if not most of the weight. But dont expect anything to fit the same again. Even though the numbers on the scale may be the same everything was stretched to there and back and doesnt go quite back. Your hips will be a smidge wider and your waist wont ever be the same, may be flat again, but never the same. But you wont ever want the old you back because there wouldnt be a little one in your arms without it. As for the sleeping on the tummy, you are going to have to wait an entire more year if you are going to nurse, or you will end up with clog milk ducts or mastis which believe me, are NO FUN!! We like to avoid those if all possible....Good luck you are awesome and will do awesome. I cant wait to hear that this little one has graced us with his presence!!!
(sorry about the longest comment ever)

Jackson 3 said...

OH, your making me miss it! There are times when I do miss being preg. & all the many perks it brings. But There are soooo many more fun memories to make when the babe is outside of the womb. It is a fun bonding time. Make sure to Journal it well, so when your missing it, you can reminisce & Your Boy can read it when he gets older!
I also was terrified of labor. I had to have an emergency c-section and a vacuum still, cause he wouldn't come out. I also had to have a surgery to drain an abscess in my boobie from mastitis 2 months later. Between the two I wasn't sleeping on my stomach anytime soon. It was still more comfortable w/o the belly though. BUT I would't trade it for the world. It's scary, but what happens will happen. You will be in good hands and will be okay no matter what happens. The crying & breakdowns are totally normal, & may continue after the babe is out, but as long as you keep in mind that it's all normal with your crazy hormones and all, you'll do fine. We all go through it & your not alone. Life will settle and return to being comfortable and stable for you, but you will have a new life to enjoy it with. Who will love you so much no matter what you do.
let me know if you need anything, or have any unsolved mystery's gjackson724@yahoo.com

Denae said...

My dear, dear Molly. These days, a day wouldn't be complete without a crying fit for me. So sweet though that yours are because you're going to miss the little guy. You can always get the pregnancy bod & life back if you are really missing it. And truly labor isn't so bad.
It's nice to have an update! Thanks love!