Sunday, March 9, 2008

all over the map...

it seems that these days we really only get out and do things on weekends. but i guess now that it is starting to be lighter later we should be a bit more active, i hope... i'm getting a bit antsy sitting around the house these days.
this weekend we have been going non stop. jord asked us today, 'how come we don't take naps anymore?' when she says that or that she is 'just going to rest her eyes' you know that she is tired from the many things we do on the weekends.

sportsmans warehouse had some 2 month old cubs that you could hold and take photos with... we got there and stood in line, jord told us that she didn't think that she wanted to hold the little guy so we got out of line and went to the back of the store to snap some photos... after seeing the bears and how tiny they were jo wanted to get back in line, by that time the line was about a 5 hour wait... sorry jo. but we decided to go up to yellowstone bear world in idaho this summer so that we could have the fun with no lines!
we also went to a utah grizzlies game. it was my first hockey game ever and to tell you the truth, i was totally expecting a bloody, dirty game like in the movies... nope... well it started out really slow, then towards the end they really started pushing each other around... i liked that part. but now i can totally understand why there really isn't much scoring. dunno.
and we got invited to the sportsman for fishing and wildlife banquet. it was fun, but we didn't think that we would be there for 5 hours! jord was with us and was just going crazy over the raffle. she was putting in for everything while kasey and i were enjoying watching rich people putting money down during the live auction. well, jordans little raffle affair paid off, she won a transformers tackle box and a candle... and won me a very nice montana silversmith jewelry set.

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Chuck Made Us Famous said...

I went to a Coyotes Hockey game here awhile back, well I would like to think it was that long ago in all reality it was four months after I was married, and since it will be seven years this year awhile back may not be quite appropriate. But I enjoyed it just the same, I really need to go to another!!